App ‘Check your Friends’ recommended

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Tv program Tros Radar has positively recommended the app 'Check your friends' during a TV broadcast. Smart at Care has developed this Health app for the Testicular Cancer Foundation.

Nowadays, you can find apps for different medical problems on your mobile phone. Like keeping track of weight, measure your blood, but also check whether your moles are cancerous or not. There are around 90,000 apps and 300 are added monthly. Tv program Tros Radar has examined the usability and reliability.

The app 'Check your Friends' is designed to encourage self-examination and break the taboo around testicular cancer. With the app you challenge your friends via Facebook to check themselves. Testicular Cancer Foundation advocates self-examination for years, because early detection is very important. You have 90% chance of healing when you detect early. Download the free app yourself and challenge your friends!

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