Healthcare Innovation

Health affects us all. Both patients and non-patients want help from organizations and brands to live healthy. Smart at Care develops innovative brand propositions that connect, for any organization.

Why we do this?

Because we want to add health value to society.

20 Years of passion

Health marketing and communication is already more than 20 years in our DNA.

Successful introduction

The introduction of the product was a perfect fit to the needs of people to live healthy.

Good eye on health

Knowledge of the latest developments in health marketing and communication.


Just contact us if you want to have health connection with your current and potential clients.

The PRODUCTS of Smart at Care

Partnerships provide access to healthcare, patients and results in 'Collective Impact'.


Marketing plays an important role in any organization: do you have an unambiguous face? It is tailored to the target group?


Communication starts with listening to the target group and then in a smart way getting connection.


Today social media is part of the normal, integrated way of communication.

Social Media

In health it's about cost efficacy: do we find the value of a product worth the extra cost? A must for each brand.

Health Economics

New ways to get connection with the target group from the health domain.


Getting connection with customers via health gaming is more effective. The retention rate is higher. You combine education and fun in a smart way.

Health Gaming

Need temporary reinforcement of the team? Smart at Care is also working on an interim basis.




Most successful introduction. Development and implementation introduction of NiQuitin, OTC drug.


First in the Netherlands with groundbreaking Direct to Consumer Communication via TV, radio, newspapers and internet with the only prescription drug Zyban.

Dutch Society of Internal Medicine

Development of the new vision for the Dutch Society of Internal Medicine, as largest scientific association with 3,000 internists.

Week of the Thyroid

Create and implement the 'Week of Thyroid' for Thyroid Organizations Netherlands (Schildklier Organisaties Nederland), one of the largest patient organizations.

Prostate Cancer Foundation

New name based on research for patient organization Prostate Cancer Foundation. From setting up new positioning, marketing and communicationplan.

Check your Friends

New name and innovative communications for patient organization Testicular Foundation. Developing app 'Check your Friends' to encourage self-examination.

Visible Link District Nurse

Neighborhood care (project Visible Link District Nurse). Stimulate collaboration between GPs and district nurses.

Health Campus

Invent and development of Health Campus for McCann Healthcare. Getting connection via Health Gaming with customers, either healthcare professionals or health end users.


Collective Impact – Healthcare...

The pharmaceutical industry would like to keep access to healthcare. Smart at Care achieves this by connection with stakeholders from partnerships.

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Health offers opportunities to grow...

Research published in the Journal of Marketing, November 2013, indicates that winning brands position themselves in a "purposeful" manner.

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Health concerns everyone...

An interview with Jan Driessen, outgoing Director of Communications at AEGON, is published in the magazine Communication, November 2013. He said people in communication must learn to walk again.

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App ‘Check your Friends’ recommended...

Tv program Tros Radar has positively recommended the app 'Check your friends' during a TV broadcast. Smart at Care has developed this Health app for the Testicular Cancer Foundation.

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Guido is a dedicated, responsible, creative and target oriented colleague who gives priority to quality and on time delivery of his deliverables. He is a great team player, but in addition excels in tackling problems on his own when it is needed. Guido is very highly regarded by his colleagues and clients.

Mariska Kooijmans
Vice President Safety and Benefit Risk Management International, QPPV at Biogen Idec, Ltd

Guido gave Testicular Cancer Foundation a new vision and strategy standing in society. Operational he also creates innovative cross-media marketing and communications. With our messages we now reach more stakeholders: healthcare professionals, patients as well as the general public.

Gerrit-Jan Steenbergen
Chairman Testicular Cancer Foundation

From a thorough market analysis Guido realized the successful launch of NiQuitin. Because of his previous experience, creativity, knowledge and sense of effective collaboration, both within and outside the organization, everyone was standing behind the introduction of the product and the customers embraced it. The market grew by a factor of 5 and NiQuitin was right from the start market leader.

Guus van Meene
Former Marketing Director Northern Europe GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

Writing a testimonial about myself? Yes, and then you immediately see my face. As a marketing and communications specialist in health, I manage connection and thus growth of organizations. Health affects everyone. And every organization has to do with it from the service or product you provide. The real contact with customers is a prerequisite for organizations, which are related to health, in order to grow. I have over 20 years experience. Every day I do this with great pleasure!

Guido Hallie, MSc
Owner Smart at Care